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I want to thank you for producing and curating materials for economics educators to use. Your posts and tweets and general curiosity have improved my high school level teaching because you have provided access to information (and your own instructional approach) that I would not otherwise have. I look forward to the Monday Morning Economist and the Tuesday Links to see what new thing(s) I can learn and use, as an educator. Your honesty and generosity with materials is doing a great service for the field and I hope that members of the AEA and your employers realize and value this!

On a related note---I stopped attending social studies conferences because there are few Economics teachers in attendance and so little relevant offerings for Economics instruction. I am so appreciative that you and a few others have more than made up for this gap.

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I stopped going to the AEAs years ago in large part because much of the research presented there was so esoteric to border on meaninglessness, and the self-reverential attitudes of presenters (including some in the econ ed space) meant that productive conversations were few and far between. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

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I share your frustration. Your efforts will change the landscape. For now, know you have another like-minded economist reading your work and is encouraged by your efforts.

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